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10 Magical Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Employees are critical to the success of a business. It is even more important now to help them navigate these volatile and unprecedented times by making sure they feel appreciated. Here are ten magical ways to reward employees and show them appreciation.

1. Use a gamification system in the workplace to educate employees, boost morale, engage employees, optimize workflows, attract young professionals, and increase productivity.

2. Kudos - ask staff to give kudos to someone else on the team during team meetings. Go a step further and show appreciation through gift cards, extra time off, or whatever motivates them.

3. Gift Them – give them gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, or a type of service.

4. Keep it simple and send them a personalized thank you note.

5. Feed Them - Host a virtual company party where you deliver donuts, pizza, etc. to everyone. Not only do people love to be fed, but it also strengthens the relationship and people will feel appreciated.

6. Give employees extra time off.

7. Socialize – organize a virtual tea and coffee tasting for your staff.

8. Send everyone a customized puzzle with an inspirational quote and/or company image to keep them entertained during lockdown.

9. Give them company swag – instead of just sending them the standard company branded pen, water bottle, or shirt, give them the option to pick their gift through an on demand merchandise program. Some highly sought-after gifts that employees like are JBL speakers, yoga kits, spa and relaxation kits, North Face apparel, etc.

10. Ask for their feedback. Allow your employees to feel heard and contribute to the success of the company. Have companies provide feedback anonymously by asking questions about teamwork, leadership, career growth, working remotely, etc. Also ask them open ended questions like What are we doing well? Where can we improve? What is on your mind? How are you feeling? or How can we help you?


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